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Meet Our Instructors

Jeremy Spence
Jeremy SpenceInstructor
Jeremy Spence grew up learning outdoor survival skills from family veterans of World War II and the Vietnam War. He joined the Army at the age of 17 where he learned advanced Combat Life Saver medical skills, along with modern light infantry ground tactics and survival. He is well known and respected as a teacher of advanced survival, day and night land navigation, weapons and firearms. He is a certified firearms instructor for the NRA. His hobbies include most extreme outdoor recreational sports that continue his training and test his abilities in martial arts swordsmanship, shooting competitions, rock climbing, archery, kayaking, survival and much more. He is currently a multi-gun competitor (rifle, pistol, shotgun) sponsored by Spike’s Tactical and an instructor for Abba Services. “The vastness of Jeremy’s detailed knowledge and hands on experience is incredible, students love him.” Stan Smith, director for Omega Ranch and Abba Services
Stan Smith
Stan SmithFounder/Instructor
Stan Smith spent about 6 years deep in the Amazon Jungle as part of a missionary family. His family adapted everything for survival; making homemade bows and arrows and fishing reels and engine parts, like washers made from tree bark. They’ve eaten just about everything, including delicious piranha. However, Stan believes urban survival is much harder than survival in the woods. Stan has been a youth director, program director at AWANA clubs, has helped the YMCA develop games for inner city kids in Brazil, has spoken in schools, volunteers for mission trips and enjoys entertaining kids while carefully watching out for everyone’s safety. He has an extensive background in real estate development and youth programs which has helped him enjoy being the creative force and program director for Omega ranch with a strong emphasis on agricultural activities and protecting the environment. He has also run major events, is the director of several mud runs and also manages the Reserve at Tiger Bay; with a massive amount of weekly-guided wild hog hunts and the largest gun range in Florida. This has given him unique hands on experience interacting with some of the nation’s best in hunting, shooting and survival. For fun, Stan enjoys family time, is active in ministry, travels on domestic and international mission trips, ATV’s, soccer and lots of other outdoor recreation. He is blessed to be the creative director for Omega Ranch loves to help people learn while enjoying outdoor recreation.
Morris Duty
Morris DutyInstructor
Morris Duty is a USA Archery Level 2 NTS (National Training System) Instructor. His training emphasis is focused on safety at the archery range and in the field. He is professionally trained in the biomechanics of proper NTS Archery Techniques, Range Rules & Whistle Commands with a focus on “Bow Hunter” Tactics & “Shot Placement”. In his shop he professionally makes custom pre-stressed compound bowstrings, cables & recurve strings. Morris is a custom fletching and bow-technician and has expertise in Long Term & Short Term water and Dry Food Storage and DIY water filtration systems. Morris spent his early years hunting squirrels and rabbits in southern Oklahoma. Archery quickly became his passion and his desire to introduce others to a “closer walk ” with the outdoor lifestyle. Morris moved to Colorado to hunt elk, deer, & pronghorn. He was successful in those 15 years but he found that teaching a new shooter was more rewarding than his own encounter or a dose of “buck fever.
Rod Price
Rod PriceInstructor
Rod Price is rapidly becoming the premier ultra-distance canoe paddler in the United States. At the age of 54, he is the only canoeist to complete North America’s five longest races: the Ultimate Florida Challenge 1200, the Yukon 1000, the Yukon River Quest (460 miles), the Missouri River 340 and the Everglades Challenge 300. In 2008, Price was part of a four-person team that competed in the 100-mile Great Amazon River Raft Race in Peru. Since winning his first canoe race in 1980, his victory total has now surpassed 200 wins. Price lives in Central Florida. When he is not traveling to another epic endurance event, he is usually paddling on the local lakes and rivers. Price enjoys conducting paddling trips and showing nature enthusiasts the unspoiled beauty of God’s country.
Mariann Bradley
Mariann BradleyInstructor
Mariann Bradley, a native Floridian is one of our NRA certified Gun Instructors and an Omega Certified Survival Specialists. She was raised by a Marine Corps sniper and started going to the gun range at 2 years old. Mariann is a lifelong shooter. Mariann has been a lifeguard since she was 15 and is driven to emphasize safety and first aid. Mariann worked for the YMCA for 15 years and oversaw youth sports and day camps in addition to pools and fitness. She also volunteered many years at a Christian youth camp teaching youth leaders to swim and dive.
Mariann is very energetic and loves to kayak, canoe and hike in the great outdoors. Her aim is to be a lifelong learner. She specializes in teaching gun safety and survival to women but is also a great all around teacher for families and mens classes. She has a separate business helping elders remain safe and removing firearms as retirees begin to decline and are no longer able to handle them comfortably.